In his solo percussion project Carlo performs with a drum set or a horizontal bass drum and utilizes an array of small percussion instruments, objects and extended techniques in order to access a wide range of sounds. His solo performances often consist of slow moving long-form pieces which encompass a variety of textures that overlap, morph and cut into one another. Although Carlo’s solo concerts are largely improvised he employs a distinct language which he has been developing for several years. The music ranges from drones to spacious meditative spaces, and from dense layered polyrhythms to quiet noise.

Carlo Costa has been performing solo percussion concerts since 2012, and has had the opportunity to perform solo concerts in Switzerland, Germany, France and the US. In the fall of 2018 he released his first solo album, Oblio. In the spring of 2021 Carlo released his second solo album, Silos. Both albums were released on Neither/Nor Records.

Press quotes

“The music encourages you to close your eyes, open your ears, and enter this sublime aural environment.” (All About Jazz, review of Silos)

“A solo percussion effort from Costa, two long pieces and expertly handled. 'I' is expansive, flowing and very well-paced, keeping on the quiet side of things while patiently exploring a vast array of instruments large and small. Costa constructs a convincing landscape, entirely without pyrotechnics, maintaining interest with both delicacy and urgency. 'II' employs wood blocks, high-pitched bells and some swirling, metallic based attacks, more structured (though loosely enough), recalling to some extent the late Jerome Cooper's brilliants solo concerts. It "decomposes" into a section of harsher rubbing, somehow melancholy, drifting into plaintive moans. Very good work, well worth a listen” (Just Outside, review of Oblio)


Silos, Neither/Nor Records (2021)

Oblio, Neither/Nor Records (2018)

Solo work