Living Sound Lab


The Living Sound Lab is a modular collaborative large ensemble dedicated to performing music that explores the boundary between composition and improvisation. The ensemble operates as a laboratory and meets monthly to try out new pieces by members of the group, play works from other composers, exchange ideas and share a meal.

LSL members include: Zosha Warpeha (hardanger fiddle), Jonathan Moritz (tenor and soprano saxophones), Erica Dicker (violin), Sean Ali (double bass), Eli Wallace (piano), Laura Cocks (flute), Lester St Louis (cello), Nathaniel Morgan (alto saxophone), Sam Kulik (trombone), Kenny Warren (trumpet), Flin van Hemmen (percussion), Henry Fraser (double bass), Carlo Costa (vibraphone, percussion), Joe Moffett (trumpet), Barry Weisblat (electronics), Madison Greenstone (clarinet, contrabass clarinet), Tizia Zimmermann (accordion), Drew Wesely (acoustic guitar), Steven Long (piano, harmonium, lute-harpsichord), Anna Webber (tenor saxophone, flute), Dan Peck (tuba), Kenneth Jimenez (double bass), Sam Weinberg (alto and tenor saxophones)

All portraits by Peter Gannushkin

Here are some examples of scores the ensemble has worked on